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There is no time like Spring to find and purchase the home you have been seeking. This time of year the market is flooded with homes for sale. Sellers have spent the Winter preparing their homes to go on the up coming Spring market. They have decluttered rooms, fixed fences and freshened up their homes with a new coat of paint.The following tips will provide you a game plan to begin your search:

Tip #1:Know what of type of a home you are looking for. Determine your style; a colonial, a ranch, a 1950’s Mad-Men-Modern, a townhouse or a duplex (you occupy half of the unit and you gain additional income by renting the second unit).You have determined which towns have the best school districts, a decent commute to the office and taxes that fall within your budget.You have written your lists of wants and determined which wants are actually needs and which wants you can do without.

You know that move-in ready would be ideal, but you are okay investing in a home where the kitchen cabinets need updating. Or, you are handy and enjoy projects and are ideally looking for a fixer-upper where you can renovate at your own pace,eventually creating the home of your dreams. Congratulations, you have done 33% of the work!

Tip #2:Use your realtor! It is a realtor’s job to assist you in the buying and selling process. If you are a first-time home buyer, your realtor is a terrific source for the contacts you will need as you navigate the home buying process. Re-locating/moving is ranked as the third most stressful time in our lives, right behind the death of a loved one and divorce.

Your realtor likely facilitates multiple transactions per month, they are extremely knowledgeable and can take some of that stress off of your shoulders.

When your realtor makes a recommendation, trust them. They will know good contractors, gardeners and especially a skilled mortgage loan originator! The collaborative relationship between a realtor and a loan originator, benefits you the buyer. Unlike a contractor or gardener, neither the realtor or loan originator is successful without first helping you purchase the home of your dreams.

In the tristate area, United Northern Mortgage Bankers Ltd.has been working closely with Realtors and their clients for almost four decades. We will help you to qualify and acquire the mortgage that fits your needs!

Tip #3:You have the power! As the buyer, you and your realtor have more working knowledge of what to offer on the home you are interested in, and it may not always align with the seller’s asking price. Remember, you have done your due diligence. You have spent countless hours online viewing homes that have come on the market in the neighborhood that you are interested in. You have seen some homes sell in a matter of days and you have seen other homes sit for months, reducing their asking price numerous times until they are either taken off the market entirely or sold for a song. What is the determining factor for why homes don’t sell right away?The listing price.

Realize you have many homes to choose from as the buyer. The seller only has one. The seller wants to make as much money as possible in the sale. But, you have the power!Trust your realtor and your gut. Offer what the market is currently supporting for comparable homes. Don’t be afraid to offer below the asking price. And expect, in many cases, there will be a negotiation.
Spring is the time to enjoy the wonderful weather. Commit yourself to being an educated buyer, shop with confidence, and most of all…enjoy reaching this milestone achievement!

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